This morning I received a job to troubleshoot why a customer was not charged sales tax even though the customer lived in the zip code that the Tax Rule was set for. My first inclination was that perhaps his billing address was different from his shipping address and that the rule applied to his shipping address and not his billing address. That was not the case though.

After closer examination I realized the customer inputted a ZIP+4 (XXXXX-XXXX) style US Zip Code. When I looked at the Tax Rules they were all written like this:

“US-FL-32304-Rate 1,US,FL,32304,7.5,”

In order to fix the issue I created a wildcarded rule for every Tax Rule set that looks like this:

“US-FL-32304-*-Rate 1,US,FL,32304-*,7.5,”

Special thanks to my new buddy <Groenleer> on #magento (freenodes) for helping me troubleshoot this!!!

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