The other day I was working on a site for a friend and I suggested he put his business phone number at the top right hand corner of the website so that his visitors could easily find the number and call his business, thus creating a conversion of sorts. I told him that I frequently look up numbers on other people’s websites using my cell phone and click on the number to dial. He agreed that it sounded like a great idea so I went ahead and placed the number in the page and proceeded to test whether it would allow me to click on it or not. To my surprise it didn’t work. So with a little bit of Googling I found my answer.

Some cell phones require you to format the phone number as a HREF like the one shown below:

<a href="wtai://wp/mc;7132340582">713-234-0582</a>

The iPhone requires you to format the number like this:

<a href="tel:1-713-234-0582">1-713-234-0582</a>

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