Last month I got the opportunity to revamp for my client Garth Oliver. He came to me with the idea to focus much more on getting his message out through blog posts.

Once he purchased his new domain name I helped him setup the web hosting he was using to host the site and configured his name servers accordingly.

Once the site was hosted I began to work on a dozen or so action items we sat down and defined prior to beginning the project. Part of this project involved maintaining the existing WordPress database for use in the new site and editing it accordingly for use with the new domain.

The over all project only took a few days to complete.

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  1. goliver5 says:

    My website is about 5 years old and no longer represents TrueQuest accurately. I knew it wasn’t functioning the way I wanted it to, but I wasn’t confident I could identify the best way to use the site. Bruce took a look to see how I was actually using it, gave me several recommendations to help the form fit the function, and then implemented those changes for me. Now my site is cleaner, easier to navigate, and no longer creates confusing ideas about who TrueQuest is.
    Through the process, Bruce was always prompt and readily available, and I found his rates very reasonable. I happily recommend him to anyone needing help with their site.

    Garth Oliver

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