I have a wide range of development experience with WordPress and Magento.  But I also love to sink my teeth into custom projects.  So when my colleague Ryan Boots approached me about a unique site concept, I had to pursue it. As an SEO professional, Ryan was looking for an easy way to study search… Read More

Today I was presented with a Magento configurable product that has options that were not appearing in order when you clicked the drop down. A quick look with Firebug showed me that the drop down option values would be in proper alpha numeric order if I simply sorted the values of the options. First thing… Read More

Someone asked me today how they can quickly come up to speed on Magento Administration. They said everything seems so overwhelming to manage. I recommend the Magento Beginner’s Guide book shown here in this post. Amazon has this to say about this book: “Magento is the world’s most evolved e-commerce solution. It runs on the… Read More

The other day I was working on a site for a friend and I suggested he put his business phone number at the top right hand corner of the website so that his visitors could easily find the number and call his business, thus creating a conversion of sorts. I told him that I frequently… Read More

A client of mine requested that on a configurable product when a visitor chooses an option (i.e. a simple product) that I display that simple products SKU automatically on the configurable product page. First thing I did was look at the Simple Configurable Product module by Matt Dean to see if that was an option… Read More

Just read a fantastic article entitled, “WordPress coders have no class“. Make sure to read the comments following the article as it provides a pretty lively debate OOP vs Procedural Code writing in WordPress.… Read More

Ran into a bug issued by a client where some of his customers reported that IE8 adds the wrong product quantity to the shopping cart. After doing a little Googling I found that this resolves the issue for IE8 users: Open the template yourdesign/template/catalog/product/view/addToCart.phtml and replace <input … onclick=”productAddToCartForm.submit()” type=”text” /> with <input … onclick=”productAddToCartForm.submit();… Read More

If you want to manually sort products in your category for any reason, assign numbers to each product, under the Category Products tab of your category, in order of your desired sort order and then go to the Category Display Settings Tab and uncheck the check box under Available Product Listing Sort By and then… Read More

This morning I received a job to troubleshoot why a customer was not charged sales tax even though the customer lived in the zip code that the Tax Rule was set for. My first inclination was that perhaps his billing address was different from his shipping address and that the rule applied to his shipping… Read More

A client of mine writes, “Take a look at the personal message (from our web form) on the quote below….what is happening with the characters in those fields. I believe there was likely abbreviation for foot: 8’” Cause: This is typically caused by someone creating string of text in Microsoft Word and then pasting it… Read More