Enhanced Tax Calculations Magento Community Edition 1.8 improves tax calculation accuracy for VAT merchants and eliminates potential rounding errors that can be confusing to buyers. Knowledge Base updates also provide more guidance on tax configurations and Canadian tax requirements, enabling you to more fully benefit from the native Magento tax engine. – See more… Read More

“Magento is escaping apostrophes when magic_quotes_gpc is set to off. When I set magic_quotes_gpc to on, Magento stops inserting slashes. It’s completely backwards. I can’t have Magento escaping my apostrophes, but I also do not want to have magic_quotes_gpc set to on because I am concerned about the implications it might have on other parts… Read More

Sometimes when you make changes to your products, or enable a certain extension, Magento might start to rewrite all your URLs to include a suffix “-1” or some other number. Within the URL Rewrites, Magento differentiates between System URLs and Custom URLs. If the System URLs are broken like this, you should not fix this… Read More

Over the past couple of years I have had to set up several LAMP boxes from scratch to run Magento. Up until today I’ve had a script I could run that would tell me if all of the requirements are met to run Magento on the box. That script used phpversion() function for version comparison… Read More

If for some reason you cannot all of a sudden upload product images into Magento through the admin area I suggest you SSH into your server and navigate to the Magento directory for your website and run the following: # chmod 777 -R media… Read More

My client was having an issue on his Godaddy shared hosting account with his Magento product image uploads. I went through a dozen or more troubleshooting steps to determine the cause of the issue. After careful comparison with a Magento instance just like it hosted on another hosting company server I determined Magento was not… Read More

Ok, so you have a project where the client asks you to bypass the Magento API because it’s so painfully slow…what do you do? Not wanting to start digging through the haystack that is Magento to find the needles of MySQL I began Googling for an answer. What I quickly learned is that Magento’s MySQL… Read More

Today I was presented with a Magento configurable product that has options that were not appearing in order when you clicked the drop down. A quick look with Firebug showed me that the drop down option values would be in proper alpha numeric order if I simply sorted the values of the options. First thing… Read More

Someone asked me today how they can quickly come up to speed on Magento Administration. They said everything seems so overwhelming to manage. I recommend the Magento Beginner’s Guide book shown here in this post. Amazon has this to say about this book: “Magento is the world’s most evolved e-commerce solution. It runs on the… Read More

A client of mine requested that on a configurable product when a visitor chooses an option (i.e. a simple product) that I display that simple products SKU automatically on the configurable product page. First thing I did was look at the Simple Configurable Product module by Matt Dean to see if that was an option… Read More