Last month I got the opportunity to revamp for my client Garth Oliver. He came to me with the idea to focus much more on getting his message out through blog posts. Once he purchased his new domain name I helped him setup the web hosting he was using to host the… Read More

Sometimes when you make changes to your products, or enable a certain extension, Magento might start to rewrite all your URLs to include a suffix “-1” or some other number. Within the URL Rewrites, Magento differentiates between System URLs and Custom URLs. If the System URLs are broken like this, you should not fix this… Read More

Ok, so you have a project where the client asks you to bypass the Magento API because it’s so painfully slow…what do you do? Not wanting to start digging through the haystack that is Magento to find the needles of MySQL I began Googling for an answer. What I quickly learned is that Magento’s MySQL… Read More

I must humbly admit that Navicat beats my trusty and beloved phpmyadmin for speed, usability, and functionality sake. If you are a dbadmin and haven’t tried it yet give it a whirl and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy yet robust this piece of software is.… Read More