If you run a lead generation website and you need to verify the identity of your leads I highly recommend using DataX. I just completed some work for one of my clients that needed this ability. I leveraged DataX’s ID Verify API through an AJAX call to check a lead in realtime while the lead… Read More

Last month I got the opportunity to revamp truequestoutfitters.com for my client Garth Oliver. He came to me with the idea to focus much more on getting his message out through blog posts. Once he purchased his new domain name truequest.us I helped him setup the hostgator.com web hosting he was using to host the… Read More

A couple of years ago I built the website xpathbuilder.com by myself under the direction of an expert SEO ninja named Ryan Boots. To date we have received a few mentions and an article or two about how our site can help other SEO people out there. How has the site helped you? What updates… Read More

“Magento is escaping apostrophes when magic_quotes_gpc is set to off. When I set magic_quotes_gpc to on, Magento stops inserting slashes. It’s completely backwards. I can’t have Magento escaping my apostrophes, but I also do not want to have magic_quotes_gpc set to on because I am concerned about the implications it might have on other parts… Read More

Over the past couple of years I have had to set up several LAMP boxes from scratch to run Magento. Up until today I’ve had a script I could run that would tell me if all of the requirements are met to run Magento on the box. That script used phpversion() function for version comparison… Read More

My client was having an issue on his Godaddy shared hosting account with his Magento product image uploads. I went through a dozen or more troubleshooting steps to determine the cause of the issue. After careful comparison with a Magento instance just like it hosted on another hosting company server I determined Magento was not… Read More

I have a wide range of development experience with WordPress and Magento.  But I also love to sink my teeth into custom projects.  So when my colleague Ryan Boots approached me about a unique site concept, I had to pursue it. As an SEO professional, Ryan was looking for an easy way to study search… Read More

Today I was presented with a Magento configurable product that has options that were not appearing in order when you clicked the drop down. A quick look with Firebug showed me that the drop down option values would be in proper alpha numeric order if I simply sorted the values of the options. First thing… Read More

A client of mine writes, “Take a look at the personal message (from our web form) on the quote below….what is happening with the characters in those fields. I believe there was likely abbreviation for foot: 8’” Cause: This is typically caused by someone creating string of text in Microsoft Word and then pasting it… Read More

Second time now I’ve had the client request that set their Magento prices to display and round to the third (3rd) decimal point. This time I will share with you how I performed this change in Magento (ver. First I FTP to my lib/Zend/Currency.php file and change the following: to Please note that if… Read More