The include statement is only one of four statements that you can use to include another PHP file in a currently running script. Those four statements are: include require include_once require_once include and require are almost identical. The only difference between them is what happens when the specified file is unable to be included (that… Read More

Want to say thanks to for having a WordPress function to block a specific WordPress category from appearing in my RSS feed. I just added this to my theme’s function.php file and changed the category number to the number of the category to omit and voila, the RSS feed is now free of the… Read More

Today I was writing some code for another site and I was looping through a DB query and outputting the results and I noticed that the output was one index off. If you ever encounter this problem make sure that you do not have your query string followed by $row = mysql_fetch_array($query) and then have… Read More