Received an email from a new client of mine today that reads: “Hi, My name is Hal Werner. I’m a friend of Ryan Boots and he said you could probably help me out. If this sounds like something do-able in the given time frame, Ryan tells me the next step is go to your site… Read More

Last month I got the opportunity to revamp for my client Garth Oliver. He came to me with the idea to focus much more on getting his message out through blog posts. Once he purchased his new domain name I helped him setup the web hosting he was using to host the… Read More

“Magento is escaping apostrophes when magic_quotes_gpc is set to off. When I set magic_quotes_gpc to on, Magento stops inserting slashes. It’s completely backwards. I can’t have Magento escaping my apostrophes, but I also do not want to have magic_quotes_gpc set to on because I am concerned about the implications it might have on other parts… Read More

Just read a fantastic article entitled, “WordPress coders have no class“. Make sure to read the comments following the article as it provides a pretty lively debate OOP vs Procedural Code writing in WordPress.… Read More

Want to say thanks to for having a WordPress function to block a specific WordPress category from appearing in my RSS feed. I just added this to my theme’s function.php file and changed the category number to the number of the category to omit and voila, the RSS feed is now free of the… Read More